1st year birthday party ideas

1st year old birthday party

The 1st year old birthday party is an important date! The first anniversary is simply one of the most magical things we have in our life, and we know the happiness that is celebrating it! There are some ideas for you to make a great day! 

Planning your 1st year old birthday party 

We all know how difficult is to manage maternity, job and housekeeping! So, when you are planning to do 1st year old birthday party, it’s getting worst. Take a look for some advice to everything goes well! 1st year old birthday party ideas


Don’t even think about having a party that lasts all day. Babies get tired easily so try to plan your 1st year old birthday party for one or two hours at the most. Try to do it after your baby takes a nap, late in the morning or evening. Your baby will be more able to enjoy the party!


The 1st year old birthday party can be a great reason to join the whole family and friends. But that’s not a magnificent idea! Your baby may be stressed with many people in the house. Make a short guest list and invite your close family and friends only. This way you will not expose your child, and you can save some money too. 1st year birthday party ideas


Ask for some help. We know that having a small child is very tiring and doesn’t give space or time for nothing. You can ask for some help to your mother, father, sister or a closer friend to plan your 1st year old birthday party. They can assist you in the organization and preparations too.

Some ideas for 1st year old birthday party

  • 1st birthday partyPlay place – Prepare a place where your child can play. Your baby needs to have fun, so pick up some toys and dispose them at the play place. You can put some chairs around it to you see what the baby is doing while you are talking to the guests.
  • Enjoy your party – It’s very important that you can enjoy it. Your baby feels your emotions so try not to stress too much about it. You don’t need it to be perfect; you just need to enjoy the family together and see how your baby has fun! The most important is to share the love you have and certainly you will have a great 1st year old birthday party.1st year birthday party
  • Decorations – Balloons, all babies love balloons. Choose some colourful balloons and you can make some colourful paper airplanes to hang on the ceiling. Choose some beautiful and calm colours; your baby will thank you! 1st year birthday party hats
  • Hats – Do you know those hats we all have in Birthday parties? Babies just love them. They love to play with it when it’s on your head. We don’t know what’s going on in their minds, but certainly it’s something very fun.
  • Cupcakes – That’s an ingredient that can’t miss. All the guests will appreciate them and your baby too. Put some little flags on it with beautiful images.

Make sure you will give all the love to your baby and guests and your 1st year old birthday party will be the best!


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