the 5 best apps for parents and new parents

The 5 best apps for parents

Find The 5 best apps for parents that will help you in this thing of being a parent! Your life will be much easier with these apps. Have a look! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as potty training tips for parents and steps to choose a nursery. They can be very helpful too! 

Your child was born, and a whole new world came to you, and you have to figure it out as fast as possible! Now you have a child to care for, a lot of diapers to change, sleepless, and badly slept, a lot of concerns in your head, among many other things!the 5 best apps for parents and new parents

Therefore we made a list of the 5 best apps for parents that will help you discover this wonderful and complicated world of parenting.

Find out the 5 best apps for parents


Well, one thing I have to warn you, none of the applications will change the diapers for you, or give food to your baby, or will make your baby spend the whole night sleeping. However, they can help you a lot! Look how the 5 best apps for parents can really change your life from now on!


The Baby Connect app is perfect to help you overcome the difficulties brought by the new family member. How?

In a simple way, this application allows you to control the last time your baby ate, changed the diaper and sleeping hours.

Thus, it allows you to better control your time between feedings, diaper seedlings, and even allows you to record the important moments, writing a little diary! An app for life!5-best-apps-for-parents


The Hell’o Baby lets you create a digital album of your baby’s life. So, you have the first tooth that was born, the first word he spoke, the first step taken, among other first things your baby will do!

This app also allows you to share these moments with the whole family in a very easy way, and without paying a cent! They can be photos, videos, or notes. You decide!


This app has several resources, helping you to take care of your newborn. So you can control the times of each feeding, sleeping hours, among many other things.

Also, having this app is like having a pediatrician in your pocket, offering you a wide variety of items that can help you in your new life. It also has daily tips that will follow the development of your most loved one.

Undoubtedly, one of the best 5 apps for parents.5-best-apps-parents


Lullabies are a great way to put babies to sleep soundly, or to calm them down, for any reason. With this app, you enjoy a truly calm music, which makes your baby fall asleep more easily!


This app helps your baby to grow healthily, stimulating him either physical or intellectual level. It is great to teach numbers, names, colours, among many other things, but in a very entertaining way!

Hope you enjoy the 5 best apps for parents and I hope they can be very useful for you too!

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