some children's uncomfortable questions

Children’s uncomfortable questions

There are many Children’s uncomfortable questions that we need to be prepared to answer. Responding tough questions of your kids might be a world of tricks. Some parents feel intimidated or willed to answer right or a bit different from the reality as it always takes a part in the answer and it is always a challenge to avoid bad answers.

Some Children’s uncomfortable questions


A child is very curious about everything; his questions can make us shy or ask ourselves with a “how I´m going to get rid of this? “. I have some examples of children’s uncomfortable questions. Let’s see if they are yours as well. Prepared to reply to blush-worthy questions?some children's uncomfortable questions

Here they are:

  • Why have sworn words invented if we can´t use them?

What is the little space between the bowl and the seat of the parquet, if your kid hangs from the bottom and asks in the middle of a crowd, “What is this?”

  • What are eyeballs made of?
  • When you stick up your middle finger what does this mean?
  • How close were daddy from your tummy after putting the baby there?
  • What smells like the Santa?
  • Can we put his back? Asking if we could give back his brother
  • Is prison fun, daddy?
  • When a man is wearing a Turban and your kid asks “where did you get your Smurf hat from”?
  • Why did you buy beer daddy? How much could we buy with that money?

Aren’t they funny? Take a look at some others children’s uncomfortable questions.some children's uncomfortable question

When You have a shower with your children and in a moment of it, she asks: “why you have spiders coming out?” refereeing to your private parts!

  • How can you dislike someone you have never met?
  • Why aren´t vegetables tasty?
  • Mom why father´s singing hurts me so much?
  • Which colour have farts?

If last Christmas your sun sees you with a Santa´s cloth and asks “How they made this suit out of children?” if you have said that the suit was too small because it must have been made for a little child.

  • A “Fourplay” is the same as a four-square?
  • Mama, where is your penis? (Is any other more children’s uncomfortable questions?
  • Do kids die?
  • Can you do this, daddy? – when a young boy naked pulls up his penis (yes, it happens!)
  • Is daddy going to pick me up? When the father didn´t come around, for many months.

What did you ask your parents about? What hilarious “interesting” questions have made your child? Parents admire a child curiosity, but they come with a so naïf curiosity and so clean that embarrasses us. Take out of feeling uncomfortable and tell us examples!

This all can be the hardest part of raising a child. How am I going to make this? Who already have kids knows that they won’t know! The questions can be so inane, illogical or repetitive that you can´t imagine. They will ask you why about things that make you wince. They will let you feel like a fraud for the things you don´t know. Are you ready for children’s uncomfortable questions?

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