games and activities for kids at home puppets

Games and activities for kids at home

There are many games and activities for kids at home that we can do. Often we end up doing the same thing day after day, but it doesn’t need to be that way. We have lots of ideas to liven up your weekends and the holidays of children. Take a look! 

Fun games and activities for kids at home


You can have lots of fun with your children at home, just having a bit of imagination. Going out with the whole family usually entails high monetary expenditures, so these games and activities for kids at home are and activities for kids at home camping


Kids love camping, but going out for camping cost some money. There always travel to support, and campsites (if you do not make wild camping). So, rare are the times we do this sort of thing with the little ones.

So take this idea and make a real camp at home. Build your camping tent in the middle of the living room, open the sleeping bags and prepare a fantastic snack to eat together around the and activities for kids at home cooking


Spend an afternoon in the kitchen can be fantastic when done with your children. There are plenty of easy recipes you can do with them and for sure they will love licking the spoon when they finish preparing those chocolate cookies. Yami!games and activities for kids at home treasure hunt


And what about a treasure hunt? This is certainly one of the most fun games and activities for kids at home. It’s easy and will delight them! Prepare some candy to hide and leave clues all over the place so that the fun is even greater. Make cards with riddles to stimulate the reasoning of children. Fun and educational? Who says that with the fun they cannot learn some things?games and activities for kids at home puppets


Talking about educational activities, and why not a bit of culture and creativity? Choose a book that your little ones enjoy and adapt it to the theater. Pick some beautiful clothes for the characters and study the text together. You can even invite a few close relatives and friends to watch the play and eat some snacks.

What about a puppet theater? If you do not have puppets start now to build one. Use socks and other old clothes, buttons, wool, and other things that can reuse and get to work.

I am sure you are going to have lots of fun, and your kids will want to repeat the day many times. If you still do not have the puppet stage can make one with a cardboard box! Cheap and fun games and activities for kids at home!


And what about making noise? Will there be something that kids adore doing more than making noise? If you can play an instrument, this is an excellent opportunity to encourage your children to study music. If otherwise you are layman try to make some instruments with recycled materials and prepare a big concert.

You can also test your vocal skills by putting some karaoke songs in youtube. The fun is guaranteed for the entire day!

Your children will love spending some time with you without watch TV or play computer. Spend a weekend at home can be fun with these games and activities for kids at home!

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