best game at home for rainy day

Games at home for rainy days

It’s raining and your kids want to play? You don’t need to worry! Check these games at home for rainy days that will bring joy to your home sweet home! Also, have a look at some of our previous posts, such as going to the theatre with kids or monitoring what children do online. And what about music shows for kids? It’s a great option! 

It is raining but children are full of energy to play football, walk in the park, and you just do not know what to do. It is OK not to know what to do in these situations, and that’s why we are writing about it right now.

There are great games at home for rainy days! Check the best ones.

Best games at home for rainy days: Have fun! 

It is very common rain in these months, and that’s why you need to be prepared to them. With these games at home for rainy days you won’t need to worry anymore. Enjoy!

best games at home for rainy days

Board games

This is one of the perfect activities for rainy days. The only thing you need is to have a stock of assorted board games. They can be shopping and sales, strategy, quiz, mimics, among many others. You choose!

In case you have children of different ages, the best thing to do is have several options according to the ages of them.

Colouring books

Colouring books are also great choices for the grayer days. Incidentally, an afternoon cleansing can be a real fun for any age.

Fill your house with colouring books, crayons, crayons, paints and brushes.

Card games

If there is something really fun to do in the family it is a good card game. A conventional deck of cards is enough to guarantee hours and hours of fun. Without a doubt, one of the best games at home for rainy days.

best game at home for rainy days


Puzzles are also great for keeping the little ones entertained for hours on end. Keep a variety of puzzles at home for all ages and levels of difficulty.


In times of rain, nothing better than encouraging your children to read. You can ask each of your children to choose a book to read.

Assemble a little hut with sheets and read to them aloud, or ask them to read a little each.

Movie Marathon

How about a real movie marathon? A rainy day matches an afternoon on the couch, a blanket for the legs, the kids on the side, a bucket of popcorn and a pile of movies to watch.

To make the home theatre session even more fun you can choose a theme. It can be animal movies, or adventure movies. Let yourself be inspired!

best game at home for rainy day


If you want something more manual, there is nothing better than crafts to liven up rainy days.

Gather all the craft and scrap elements you have scattered around the house and see what you can create with them.

You can use glitter, pipe cleaners, glue, clay, rolls of toilet paper, Popsicle sticks, paint, yogurt pots, tissue debris, among other things.

So, what do you think about our ideas for games at home for rainy days? Let us know your ideas to liven up rainy days at home. We are glad to share them too!

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