going to the theatre with kids tips

Going to the theatre with kids

Thinking about Going to the theatre with kids? Congratulations! You have made the right decision! Theatre is very interesting to introduce children to lots of things. Check in this post some great tips. Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as the 5 best apps for parents and going to the movies with your baby

The theatre is an excellent option for a weekend. In fact, there is no one who does not like to hear a good story, and children are no exception to the rule.

In theatre, we can find groups of people who work every day to create the best stories, that work hard to represent the best stories, finding the best way to tell them, and still work all the little details so that the public can feel all the emotions in real time!going to the theatre with kids tips

The theatre is fun, and joined to fun, still has an educational supplement, teaching several things to children, and adults too, also contributing to awaken the taste for performing arts and literature.

That’s why Going to the theatre with kids is a great option for them! 

Going to the theatre with kids – Tips


When we go to the theatre, we know new worlds, giving wings to our imagination, and stimulate our creativity.

The plays, by fumbling with particular experiences, makes children and adults alike, to better understand themselves.

Also, the theatre is an excellent exercise for communication with the viewer, because it requires people to think about what they are watching. So, this feature will greatly help children developing autonomy.going-to-theatre-with-kids

Well, if you are thinking about Going to the theatre with kids, you must pay attention to a few things. Take a look! 


There is no right age to go to the theatre. In fact, the fiction is part of the lives of the little ones, and they all like to be part of an invention. So all children, regardless of age, can and should go to the theatre.

However, you should look for plays that are appropriate for their age. The length is very important. Look for plays with a corresponding duration to the concentration of your son.

Do not forget that the example must always come from home. Just as it is important you read in front of his son, so he later acquires this habit, Going to the theatre with kids makes them later like to go too!


Look for plays that go against the interests of your child. Find some that have themes and characters that your child finds interesting.

If you are just starting out, look for stories that he already knows, like Pinocchio or Snow White. So it will be easier to captivate small one!

After he is used to it, look for different plays, with new themes and new languages.

Do not forget to talk to your child after the play. This way you are going to keep the interest in the theatre. And you cannot also forget to keep Going to the theatre with kids

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