Learning to mediate between brothers fight

Learning to mediate between brothers fights

Hi there! Learning to mediate between brothers fights can be a helpful way to ensure your house’s harmony. And that’s why we are here, to tell you how to react when your two little kids are fighting for something. Also, check our previous articles about how to prevent childhood obesity and some techniques for teaching time tables. 

 There is nothing worse than seeing our children fighting with each other. But for us to be successful we need to know how to do things. And there are some steps when you are Learning to mediate between brothers fights. 

Take a look at them!

Learning to mediate between brothers fights: Be Happy!


The first step is to distinguish whether the fight between them is an ongoing problem, or if it’s just a fight for nothing. However, regardless of the cases, we always have to separate them.

It is important to tell them that they should not do. If such arguments are constants, follow some steps.  Learning to mediate between brothers fights steps

Learning to mediate between brothers fights cannot be an easy task, but we need to look carefully to the reason those fights are happening.

As I said, the first thing to do is stop the fight. In the case they are assaulting physically separate the children. If they are only assaulting verbally, silence them. Send them to different rooms of the house until they settle down and be ready to talk about what happened.


This is the second step. Once the mood is calmer, it’s time to mediate. This is a long-term process that will give us a lot of work, but you will have more lasting effects and better results than punishment. Note that punishment ceases to have an effect later in adulthood.

First, children should explain what happened according to them, focusing on the facts and not in the search for culprits. It is imperative that the other brother listens without interrupting even if he disagrees. They have to learn to listen to others.

Learning to mediate between brothers fights: Step 3

Give solutions to their positions. Now is the time that they should propose solutions, and give some others if we see that these are not appropriate.

Discuss the proposals they gave. Think of what the most rewarding solutions. Remember that the best solution is always when both give up something. The solution should always be consensual. Learning to mediate between brothers fight

What is agreed between the two is always better than what is imposed.

Learning to mediate between brothers fights: Final Step

Never leave the monitoring. Any decision rendered in mediation should be monitored for the resolutions adopted are respected by both parties at the beginning.

When you notice that they are not complying with the agreement, sit with them and talk. Try to understand who is not doing his part. Start the conversation there. Remember that you must have patience. The idea is always to find solutions today for tomorrow!

I hope that following these steps you solve your problems with your children. Learning to mediate between brothers fights is crucial to have a peaceful environment in our own home!

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