monitoring what children do online tips

Monitoring what children do online

Monitoring what children do online is crucial to their development. In fact, parental vigilance is essential to several sectors, not only when we look at the online activity. Let’s learn everything about it here, in this post, but also take a look at our previous posts, such as the 5 best apps for parents and going to the theatre with kids

The summer was perfect for letting the kids have the much-desired freedom, at least the sense that they have freedom, is not it? No classes, or daily homework, and even a family vacation, regular outputs, among other things.monitoring what children do online tips

Now with the return to school, the most common is that they spend more time in front of the computer screen, and it is very important to monitor the exposure time to this equipment, especially when connected to the Internet.

If you want your child grows up healthy, Monitoring what children do online is crucial.

Monitoring what children do online – Is it necessary? 


During the school year, children will be more likely to communicate with friends, as well as try out new digital resources. So they will be online longer, even to do homework.

For this same reason, it is crucial that you make sure that they have access only to the resources they need, but limiting sites and applications, which can be harmful to the healthy development of children.

Excess media harms the school path

Several studies have shown that children who use excess media have lower grades than the others, demonstrating a direct link between social media and school failure.

These children have less ability to concentrate, lower BMI, not enough and recovery sleep, more sedentary lifestyle.monitoring-children-do-online

Limiting the use of media for children

This is an important part of the work of the parents dealing with monitoring what children do online. It is important that we take them in the direction of digital materials that really add value by creating healthier results.

Thus creates a chain relation, preventing previous misdeeds, and bringing other benefits such as the improvement of sleep, health, and improving school performance, and reduces aggressive behaviour, increasing prosocial behaviour.

Get involved in the activities of your children

Being involved with the activities of your children will protect them from dangerous or improper means, as well as helps them to move towards quality content and educational resources.

Thus, in addition to gaining technological skills, so precious these days, you can increase the vocabulary of children, as well as improve reading skills, mathematics, scientific understanding, cultural valorization, empathy, teamwork, among others.

Monitoring what children do online, is critical to their development. In fact, if you care to advise your child to where to do their online research, as well as guide them to the best apps, and other online resources, your child will know what actually adds value, and what he should not see, demonstrating how harmful it can be.

So, if you are one of those who thinks monitoring what children do online is an invasion of privacy, forget it! It can save your child’s development!

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