Potty training tips

Potty training tips for parents

Check some great Potty training tips for parents in this post and help your little ones leaving beyond the nappies forever! I am sure it will be easier following our potty training tips. Also, have a look at our previous posts about the 1st year old birthday party and using nappy cream for babies

Is your child having difficulty using the potty? There are only two options: either he is full of poop, or is new in these things. The truth is that all the problems they face at this time can be avoided with some training. Here are some golden rules that will help you!

Potty training tips for parents: Golden Rules


First, you have to feel that your child is ready to drop the nappies. You may notice this when the baby begins to imitate you when going to the bathroom, and start to pay attention to your actions.

Usually, they start to want to take the diaper too. See some more Potty training tips for parents.Potty training tips

The poop is generally soft – before starting training

When the child does poop pellets, it means she’s constipated, and the bathroom training for her is a wasted effort.

So, before you start the training, make sure that the stools are unformed.

He faces no deadlines, pressure or expectations

Children need parents to be patient, to be careful ,communicative, and to support and facilitate the learning process. So never exert pressure on your child, and do not compare never with other children, because each has its own deadline.

Pees every few hours

Attention! If your child pees a few times, you should encourage him to use the potty more often. Potty training tip for parentsAlthough it is said to hold the pee is good and that helps strengthen the bladder, this is a false information.

What causes the bladder to develop in a healthy way is just the opposite. Holding pee causes the bladder becomes irritated, and has less storage capacity. This is one of the more important Potty training tips for parents. 

Place the child in the potty at regular intervals

A routine can be implemented to use the potty at certain times, for example, upon waking up before and after the nap, among others.

It may also be useful to leave the potty in the bathroom for the child to get used that it is that place that he pees and poo. This is one of the most important Potty training tips for parents. 

If you want, you can sit with the child, to begin with, in order to provide reassurance and explain to her what is going to the bathroom, and that is something that is normal and natural.

We must let the best Potty training tips for parentschild in the potty to do what is expected of her?

Never do that. Making this an obligation will cause the child to feel pressured and scared, and may also convey the idea that she is not up to your expectations and that she is not worthy of your love, which makes the child is with low self-esteem.

If nothing happens after a few minutes, you should quietly praise the child for trying, and then try again a few hours later or the next day.

Hope I have helped you with these Potty training tips for parents. 

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