know how to prevent childhood obesity

How to prevent childhood obesity

Do you know how to prevent childhood obesity? Childhood obesity is a serious problem, and that has increased in recent times, largely due to food and the sedentary life they have led. See how you can prevent your child suffers from this evil that is so bad to his health. Also, check our previous post where we give you some ideas for games and activities for kids at home

Did you know that what you can not change during your childhood, very hard you are able to change in your adult life? That’s why this so important to you to acquire habits of a healthy and active lifestyle from an early age. know how to prevent childhood obesity

Knowing how to prevent childhood obesity, is the first step to avoid future evils, for you, and for your kid.

Childhood is a stage where almost everything is related to the habits and behaviours. At this stage is formed the personality, and sets standards that will be the child’s behaviour basis of the adulthood. So we must instill in children an active lifestyle as well as we should include in their diet healthy principles. This way you can prevent they later commit serious errors, which will lead them to obesity.

Knowing how to prevent childhood obesity


First of all, we should always include in our routine a few days to practice sports with the child. Do not forget that parents are the mirror of their children. What parents do serve as an example, that is why doing sports together is very important.prevent childhood obesity

Then comes the food. Alongside sport, food should be the basis of your life. If you have a healthy diet, many health problems are preventable, including obesity.

But  how to prevent childhood obesity? Obesity is not accidental. Do not deceive yourself. It can be prevented respecting some suggestions:

  • Include a wide variety of food on your plate. The greater the variety of foods in the diet, the more assurance that the diet is balanced and it contains all the necessary nutrients.
  • Add about 50 to 60% of cereals in your diet, always choosing whole grains. Cereals (bread, pasta, rice, etc.), potatoes and vegetables, should be the basis of the diet.
  • Reduce the fats, so as not to exceed 30% of the daily intake. Choose healthy fats such as olive oil and coconut oil, and avoid the most saturated fats and fatty acids.
  • Protein should be between 10 and 15% of total calories and you should combine proteins of animal and vegetable origin. Do not forget that the variety should be paramount in all food groups. Also, avoid red meat.preventing childhood obesity
  • Increase daily digestion of fruits and vegetables to reach at least 400g a day. That is, consuming at least 5 rations a day of these foods is the secret of who knows how to prevent childhood obesity.
  • Moderate the consumption of products rich in simple sugars like candy, sweets, and soft drinks. They are poison to our health!
  • Reduce the salt intake to 5g per day.
  • Drink between two to three liters of water a day.
  • Always eat breakfast, and this should be full with dairy products, cereals, and fruits.

Follow our tips, and I am sure you are going to have a better and healthier life! Have you already know how to prevent childhood obesity? 

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