Sleepover of kids at home

Sleepovers of kids at home

Thinking about Sleepovers of kids at home? Sleepovers are fantastic to excite the children and are quite a different program that makes them thrilled. Here’s how to plan one in this article. Also, have a look at our previous posts about birthday party themes for boys and games and activities for kids at home. They can help you getting some ideas too. 

If there is a party that kids love are the Sleepovers of kids at home. They remain in the memory of the smallest forever, so it’s an excellent idea for your party be unforgettable and memorable.

Best of all is that these parties have nothing to know, and the end result is simply fantastic, full of joy!

Planning Sleepovers of kids at home


Sleepovers are great for birthday parties, or just for getting together all kids in the summer vacations. However, you need to have in mind that you must give this party just for a small guest list (between 5 and 8 kids). planning Sleepovers of kids at home

The time and day

Preferably, the Sleepovers of kids at home should be carried out at the weekend. Saturday is the best day because the next day children can sleep later, and usually the Fridays are a busy day and preparation for the weekend.

Note that small children are not used to be without their parents. In this case, it is best to not spend the night. If they are already older, then you may already think of letting them sleep in your home.

In the first case, you can organize a small party until later, and the children will already be in their pajamas and ready for bed when the parents come for.

The area

Decide what room of the house will be used for the Sleepovers of kids at home. Obviously, you will not have enough beds for all the children, so think to ask them to bring a sleeping bag, or you can pitch a tent in the middle of the room.

So you should choose a location that you can remove all the furniture to accommodate all the sleeping bags. Sleepover of kids at home

Decorate the place according to the theme of the evening. You can, for example, extend a string from one end of the room to another and hang pajamas, socks, pillow shams, among other things.

You can also paste stickers on the walls that glow in the dark, create a camping environment, or create a spa environment (in the case of being Sleepovers of kids at home just for girls).

The menu

Think of a quick and practical thing to do. Pizzas, chips, sandwiches, juice packs, popcorn, cookies or cupcakes are good options.

You can include a dinner, or else opt for a late snack. Enjoy the evening leftovers for breakfast of children. Just add some toast, or pancakes, or a bowl of cereal with milk.

Follow our ideas and tips, and I am sure that your party will be a success. All kids will remember your Sleepovers of kids at home forever!

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