how to choose nursery

Steps to choose a nursery

Find all the steps to choose a nursery and guarantee you choose the best nursery for your little ones. This is an important decision, so make sure you make the right choice. Read also our previous posts where we talk about children’s uncomfortable questions and how to prevent childhood obesity

When choosing a nursery for your child, you can not just look for one that is limited to supervise children. Nurseries must provide a welcoming environment with qualified professionals who have an adequate basis to help in the development of your child.

All steps to choose a nursery


First of all, the school must offer confidence to families and small.

When parents demonstrate confidence in the institution who leave their children, they feel more secure, and then accept and adapt better to change.all steps to choose a nursery

It is also advisable that the nursery is located close to home, so the friends of your child will be in the neighbourhood, which will be extremely beneficial for socializing.

Now, let’s check all the  steps to choose a nursery! 

  1. First, note what is the relationship established between the children and the staff of the nursery.
  2. Inquire about the operation of the nursery, and inquire also of its organization.
  3. See how many students are in each class. Remember that the smaller the child, the greater should be the attention given to them. So every teacher should have a maximum number of students. Make sure that this number is not exceeded.steps to choose nurseries

The Rooms

One of the more important steps to choose a nursery is to control the room they stay.

The room has to be broad and unique, with independent access to the outside. Ensure that every child has at least two square meters in the rooms. When we talk about small children, the nursery should have differentiated areas of hygiene and rest. It is also expected that there is a multi-use room, as the case of refectory for example.

Paediatrician or medical service

Although the presence of a paediatrician on the premises is not required, it is appropriate that the nurseries provide a medical service, which always has functions of prevention.

In any case, nurseries must have qualified personnel to deal with children with some kind of special educational needs. They should provide human resources and support materials supported by the corresponding educational administration.

Hygienic control

Although there are periodic inspections by the competent authorities to check the perfect state of nurseries that must fulfill the obligations that are part of the current legislation, you should make sure of its hygiene and also make sure that they have a suitable space for refectory and to choose nursery

Play area

This is the last of our steps to choose a nursery. All nurseries must have an outdoor play area , which must be for the exclusive use of the nursery. It is very important to have all the established safety rules.

Hope I have helped you choosing your nursery carefully. I am sure now you have all the info and important steps to choose a nursery. Do it carefully and consciously.

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