best Techniques for teaching times tables

Techniques for teaching time tables

There are many Techniques for teaching time tables, so your child can learn easily how to multiply. As a teacher, I also must give you some advises so you can help your child to learn properly the time tables. Note that they are crucial for developing the long-term memory, and that’s why they are so important. Also, check my post with fun science experiments

First, I need to tell you that learning the times tables is crucial for your child to be successful in mathematics, not only elementary but for the rest of his school life. One of the reasons why children start to lose interest in mathematics is precisely because they have not decorated the tables, as they need them to solve multiplication, division, fractions, among other situations.

Without knowing the times tables becomes an almost impossible task to solve most of the problems, which leads to a lack of enthusiasm for the Techniques for teaching time tables

That’s why I’m going to tell you some Techniques for teaching time tables. 

I must also say that multiplication and division go hand in hand, so we must teach them simultaneously so that we can establish a logical reasoning in children.

Another thing I need to say, and that parents often have this question in mind, is that the times tables are not to understand! The children have to understand the technique of multiplication, but times tables are to memorize, exclusively!

So if your child does not yet know how much is 8×7 it is because he has not memorized it!

Now, let’s check some Techniques for teaching time tables. 

Best Techniques for teaching time tables


best Techniques for teaching times tables

Many children have difficulty learning times tables. But you, as a mother or father can lend a helping hand. Of course, he won’t learn from one day to another, this process takes time, patience and strategic. So we have some Techniques for teaching time tables! 

Start with columns of 0, 1, 2, and 3 numbers.

As I said earlier, this is a process that involves only and exclusively the memorization. So take always in small groups at a time. Thereby it is easier to assimilate the time tables.

Table or numbers list

Always have a table or list of numbers at hand, with the numbers from 0 to 100. For those who are starting is easier to get the answers by connecting the rows and Techniques for teaching time table

Commutative property

Still remember the multiplication properties? They are crucial for mathematics, and the times tables too! This allows your child does not have to memorize 10 times tables, but 5!


If you remember, the commutative property of multiplication tells us that we can change the order of factors, without this change the result. Thus, 3×4 equals 4×3.

Explain this reasoning, and thus, quite make your kid’s job easier!
Start by picking up the times tables from 0 to 3. When they know these very well, they automatically know already 4 answers from the other times tables!

Proceed with the times tables of 4-7, and finish with the 8-10.


Don’t forget to always keep your child motivated. It’s important that he feels supported, even when he fail! Following these Techniques for teaching time tables your kid will succeed!

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