Turning daughter into a fashion fan

Turning your daughter into a fashion fan

Turning your daughter into a fashion fan is quite simple. In fact, the only thing you need to do is involve your daughter into the fashion world. In this post, we are going to tell you everything about it! Also, have a look at our blog, and read our posts such as sharing special occasions with your child’s friends and fun places to take your kids on holiday

It is very common for mothers wanting to see their daughters as fashion fans like themselves, but never forget what should be the priorities for the child.

It is very important that you show your daughter that appearance matters, yes, but it should always be Turning daughter into a fashion fansecondary to other aspects such as feelings, honesty, integrity, among many other moral values that go well beyond a piece of clothing.

The fact is that Turning your daughter into a fashion fan can turn your daughter into a superficial girl. Of course, if you follow your daughter and show her that it is not the most important thing, there is no problem. 

The problem begins when child priorities become the fashion, to the detriment of other things, like true friendship, affection, studies, among others.

Turning your daughter into a fashion fan: Is it Good? 


Do you really want to make your child a fan of fashion? Turning your daughter into a fashion fan can bring lots of benefits, but it can bring lots of problems too. 

If your daughter is a fan of fashion, it certainly will be wary of the appearance, and will always walk near the trends. This is an advantage, especially when we talk about work.

We know it is very Turning your daughter into a fashion fan pros and consimportant to know the wear to a job interview, to go to a meeting. Anyway, walking well dressed is crucial to be successful.

Thus, they also avoid some unpleasantness. We know that children can be very cruel because the values that pass them are not the ones that should.

So if a girl does not pay attention to fashion, is not aware of trends, or have a weaker outfit, she suffers a lot of discrimination by the other girls.

But Turning your daughter into a fashion fan can bring some problems too. 

When your daughter is obsessed with fashion, she will do anything to have clothes at the height. Ie whether you can or , give you a piece of expensive clothes, she will do anything to have.

Tantrums, demands, and sometimes much worse, Turning your daughter fashion fansuch as theft. Hence the importance we give to other more important values such as honesty and integrity.

Furthermore, you may be teaching your daughter that the fashion world is perfect, and that is what is shown in magazines that are beautiful.

This leads to another problem. As we know, most supermodels are extremely thin, and many of them are anorexic or suffer from bulimia.

One of the dangers of our daughter be a fan of the fashion world, it is that she tries to follow the example of these supermodels, and see in them figure their own ideal of beauty.

I hope you find very well the pros and cons of Turning your daughter into a fashion fan.

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