Using best nappy cream babies

Using nappy cream for babies

Thinking about Using nappy cream for babies? When we are changing the first nappies, many questions come to our minds, right? We don’t know the best items to use, we forget about everything we learned until then… Well, because I know it, I decided to tell you everything about nappy creams. 

Many people underestimate the power of the nappy creams on the butt of babies. However, know that they are suitable for them. The creams help heal rashes, as well as prevent them. However, you need to know which creams to use.

Using nappy cream for babies – Choose the best ones! 

All about Using nappy cream for babies

When you think about using nappy cream for babies, you must pay attention to some things.

First, nappy creams containing paraffin or glycerine are contraindicated. These substances infuse into the diaper tissue, which is then in contact with the baby’s skin, thus creating a barrier to the passage of wetting into the absorbent. This makes it appear those famous leakages.

Another thing, some of these nappy creams have parabens. These are highly carcinogenic substances, which means that you end up harming the health of your baby without even knowing!

If you use some kind of these creams, the only way to avoid clogging is putting a reusable coating or biodegradable up the diaper.Using best nappy cream for babies

Well, you may be wondering if there are creams that do not lose the absorption, or using nappy cream for babies is really necessary. The truth is that there are creams that are compatible with reusable diapers, and yes you can use it without restrictions.

When I was a mother also had huge doubts about this matter. When I looked the chemical composition of most creams, many of them contained chemicals that, at all, did not inspire me confidence.

After a lot of searching, I ended up finding a Bentley balm that was based on natural products, without chemicals, and 100% safe to use with reusable diapers.

Another solution, if you do not want to use nappy creams, or if you can not find a 100% safe, it is almond oil. It is 100% natural and leaves little butt of your baby fantastic .

Note that using nappy creams for babies should only be done when your baby has the roast skin, or when he stayed a long time with the dirty diaper, in order to avoid any rash.Using best nappy cream babies

If you like to often use these creams, so make sure that when you close the diaper, your baby’s skin has absorbed all the cream.

When you use the creams, do not put too much. Put only a thin layer of nappy cream. So the skin will better absorb the cream and prevents it from getting too much.

Now that I talked about nappy creams, I still have to add that you should not, never use talcum powder. Although it is a common practice, it is extremely inadvisable for babies.

Change the baby’s diaper soon as you feel it is wet, wash your baby’s little butt when the dirt is too much, and I am sure that your baby’s skin will be beautiful. And of course,  using nappy creams for babies is advisable!

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