your child first tooth

Your child’s first tooth

The appearance of your child’s first tooth is a very important milestone. After all, it is the first sign that your baby is effectively growing. This happening comes with mixed emotions, not only for yourself but for your baby too. Let’s see when the first teeth start to grow, what the first signs and what you can do to help your little baby to surpass his pain. 

When appears your child’s first tooth? 


First of all, we must be aware that cutting teeth do not happen at once. Incidentally, this process takes years to be completed. Firstborn, one by one, the milk teeth and then these fall one by one and then born the permanent teeth. The last teeth to be born, inclusive, are already in adulthood. So get ready for years of small toothache complaints. your child's first tooth tips

In fact, even during pregnancy the baby is beginning to develop the foundation of their baby teeth. Although very rarely, there are cases where they are born with one or two teeth, or appear in the first week after birth. However, most of the babies sprout their first tooth between 4 and 7 months of age. But you can experience your child’s first tooth at 3 months or until 1-year-old.

Usually, the first tooth developing is one of the bottom middle teeth and the last ones developing are the second molars (these appear at 3 years old, more or less).

What are the first signs of your child’s first tooth?

You may even be lucky enough that your baby does not feel much pain during the birth process of the first teeth, but the vast majority feel a very great discomfort, affecting the entire mood of your small. Let us look at what are the signs that show you that your child’s first tooth is sprouting.

  • Drooling
  • Swelling and sensitivity
  • Refusing food
  • Irritability
  • Sleep problems
  • Biting behaviour

This process does not cause vomiting and fever. If your baby has any of these symptoms, consult your pediatrician as this may be a sign of infection.

What to do to help in your child’s first tooth?your child first tooth

As this is a process that you can not avoid, the maximum you can do is to comfort your baby and try to reduce the pain caused by your child’s first tooth.

I will give you some tips that can alleviate this discomfort:

  1. First give your baby something to chew on. There are biting on sale for this purpose. A wet washcloth cooled in the refrigerator can also be a good alternative.
  2. Give him cold food. It will reduce some of the discomforts because the cold acts as an anesthetic.
  3. Make small massages in the gums of your baby. Your child’s first tooth can be quite painful, and massaging the gums, you can reduce the discomfort of your baby.
  4. If even after using all these techniques your baby still has a lot of pain, go to your pediatrician and ask him some medicine for this purpose. There are painkillers such as acetaminophen for children.

I hope I helped you with these small tips about your child’s first tooth. If you know another technique just let us know!

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